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Love without money in relationship can’t work –Ruby Ojiakor


Actress, Ruby Ojiakor, is of the opinion that a relationship where love is present but money is absent is bound to be problematic.

Ojiakor told Sunday Scoop, “Love is important but it is not enough to make a relationship work. Money (has to be) involved. There will be serious problem in a case where there is love without money. There won’t be respect in that home. Love is not enough. Both partners should have something doing. Once there money, the family and relationship will be sweet.”

Ruby also maintained that an actress did not have to relocate to Lagos in order to succeed. She said, “One does not have to relocate to Lagos to be a superstar. One can succeed anywhere as long as one knows what one is doing and the grace of God is on one’s life. One’s location has nothing to do with stardom. Some people became successful in the eastern part of the country before moving to Lagos. Those in Lagos are even coming to the east. Some people just want to become actors even though they don’t have what it takes. They are just forcing themselves.”

Asked if she could cope with a cheating partner, the fair-skinned actress said, “I cannot cope with a cheating partner. I would just walk away. I don’t have the heart. Whatever you are doing just make sure I don’t find out, because the day I find out. I won’t be able to stand it.”

The actress also stated that she would never contemplate quitting her career for her marriage. She added, “I won’t even allow such a thing happen to me because before I get married, we would have had an agreement and understanding. He would have known the job I do. Anybody cannot just come out from nowhere and tell me to quit (my career). Before marriage, he would have known about my job. It’s about doing what gives one joy.”

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