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[A MUST READ] 5 Things That Should NEVER Be Inserted Into The VAGINA

A woman’s vagina is not just some random hole that anything goes into.

If anything goes off balance, infection occurs.

Yes, With sex comes a lot of experimentation, but there are some things you mustn’t put in your vagina to avoid infections.


1. Vaseline

Perhaps in search of some lubrication, you got the bright idea that vaseline might be the best source of lubrication. False! Vaseline and any petroleum product can lead to infections.


2. Anything You Have Used In The Anal Or Butt Region

Experimentation has made sex objects a part of some people’s sexual experience, but please whatever you use for your anal region or butt do not use in the vagina.


3. Inserting Of Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables inserted in a vagina is totally wrong, it can break inside and secondly there are pesticides in vegetable.


4. Chocolate Syrup

Using chocolate syrup to get kinky is a big NO. It can be very irritating to the fragile skin of your vagina and cause infections or irritation.


5. Whipped Cream And Ice Cream

Ah, another fetish pornography and soft porn movies have thought us. If it gets to the vagina, it is hard to get it out. Ice cream and whipped cream have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates which will cause microbial growth and lead to infections.

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