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Actress Ha Seungri Explains How She had Prepared for Her Role Jang Hari in ‘All of Us are Dead’

Actress Ha Seungri Explains HowShe had Prepared for Her Role Jang Hari in ‘All of Us are Dead’

She worked hard to live up to her character.

Actress Ha Seungri recently sat down for an interview following her success from ‘All of Us are Dead’. Ha Serungri played the character of Jang Hari in the series, an archery athlete who ended up locked down at the Hyosan High School while trying to rescue her younger brother Jang Woojin (played by Son Sangyeon).

During the interview, Ha Seungri was asked about her preparation to transform herself into Jang Hari. Regarding this, she explained, “I practiced (archery) for the whole summer. I also practiced in between filmings. During the round, I hit the 10-point area twice, 9-point, and 7-point. When I was focused, the result was not bad

About her newfound popularity after the series, Ha Seungri confessed that she still can’t really feel it. She remarked, “I didn’t expect (that the popularity will be this great). Although we had ‘Squid Game’ before this, I didn’t think that it would receive much attention from the public. I cannot really believe that the series actually topped the Netflix’s chart and we have a billboard promotion at the Times Square.”

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