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Afrobeats Is Meaningless – Burna Boy Claims [Video]

Grammy -winning Nigerian singer Burna Boy has stated in an interview that Afrobeats has no substance and most Nigerian artists lack experience.

According to his statement in a recent interview, Burna Boy claims that 90% of Afrobeats artists sing emptily and lack the experience to make in-depth music.

He explains that artists have the social responsibility to sing about real life experience, both good and bad experiences, and that music shouldn’t be about having ‘great time’ all the time.

He then uses himself as an example of what he has tried to stress, saying he makes music on different topics, unlike other artists who sing about nothing.

‘AfroBeats as people call it, is mostly about nothing, literally nothing’, he says. ‘There’s no substance to it — like, nobody is talking about anything in it. it’s just a great time’.

Watch him speak below:



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