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Best Ad Networks For Nigeria Blogger To Make Money in Blogging


How to make money from blogging in Nigeria, the simple steps and ads

First they are different ways to make money from blogging in Africa Nigeria but today our focus is ads, the best ads networks for nigerians to make money

Best Ads Network For Nigeria Blogger
Lets first of all talk about the best ads networks, and the next we talk about how to use this ads network to get the maximium revenue and earn a living blogging.

1. Google Adsense
Google adsense has become the main stream for majority of Nigeria bloggers to make money online, adsense is easy and has help lot of bloggers earn a good living.

But getting adsense approval, is a bit hard for some bloggers in Nigeria recently, if you want to get google adsemse approval you will have to follow the adsense policy, the adsense content policy and also get all important pages ready with valid and more informative details.


2. Ezoic (AdSense Alternative)
Ezoic has become adsense alternative, with ezoic you can make 2x of what you make with adsense alone, i highly recommend the ad network, also they follow google content policy and some other adsense policy as they are google adsense partner.


3. Adxema
Adxema is an amazing ad network, its easy to get approved and the minimum payout is $50 unlike others, this is really a network to try out, africbase also use this network to monetize this blog, you can see that below.

I will recommend this for you, if you are a new blogger and adsense or other ad network has not approved you or your blog was rejected.


4. Galaksion
Galasion is an awesome ad network and easy to get approved for nigerians, ad network with push notifications and amazing way to monetize your blog, try this out.


5. Propellerads
Propellerads has become famous among Nigeria bloggers, first its easy to get approved, and has different ways to monetize your blog, through, push notification, in page ads to banner ads and also direct links, try this out if you get rejected by other ads network.


6. Adcash
This is an amazing ad network similar to propellerads, good choice for start up bloggers, have not much things to say about this ad network, but you should give it a try.


7. Adsterra
Adsterra is an alternative of propellerads and adcash, have similar features, try it out.


8. Purpleads
I came cross this ad network recently and its amazing to try out, it easy to get approved, all you have to do is follow their policy, which is easy and boom.


9. Mgid
10. Taboola Ads
11. Medianet
12. Mediavine
Ads Network 9 – 12 Was Listed Below become of their approval process and requirements, which is kind of high demanding for new bloggers or blogs with low traffics.

Hope the following helps you, on your journey of making money from blogging, please leave a comment below, if this post was helpful or not helpful


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