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DO YOU AGREEE? “Davido’s ‘Feel’ Video Is The Video Of The Decade” – TG Omori (VIDEO)

According to TG Omori, the video director, the music video for the song “Feel” by Davido holds the distinction of being the most outstanding video of the entire decade.
This statement implies that, in TG Omori‘s opinion, the visual representation of the song created by Davido surpasses all other music videos produced in the same ten-year period in terms of its artistic quality, innovation, impact, and overall excellence.

TG Omori, a prominent figure in the field of video direction, firmly believes that among all the music videos released over the span of a decade, Davido’s “Feel” video stands out as the epitome of visual excellence.
This proclamation suggests that TG Omori considers the video to possess unparalleled creativity, storytelling, and visual aesthetics that have set it apart from every other music video produced in the same ten-year timeframe.

In his view, “Feel” by Davido has not only met but exceeded the standards of artistic accomplishment, making it a noteworthy and exceptional work within the realm of music videos.

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