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“Expect More Needful Tough Policies” – Tinubu Tells Nigerians


“Expect More Needful Tough Policies” – Tinubu Tells Nigerians

“Therefore, as much as we shall focus on Africa our primary attention shall be to revamp our nation’s economy and improve the welfare of the citizens,” the President said.

On digitalization of public service, Tinubu said it was a compelling choice, noting, “It is in this regard that I am pleased at the adopted Nigerian theme digitalization of work processes in the public service, the gateway to efficient resource utilization and national development, is apt and appropriate for this commemoration”.


He said:


“The challenges we face today with governance leaves no option to continue on the analogue front. The task before us as a people and government are daunting but the process of success is promising if we make the right choices.


“Digitalization is a compelling choice, we must take it. Now let me make clear, the expectations of this administration from the civil service are full, this is so because the civil service is the fulcrum of governance, our vision and mission are predicated on the implementation of policies and programmes aimed at spurring the national economy on multi-dimensional front.


“Many tough but needful policy and paradigm shifts will be emplaced to reposition governance for efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


“To match the expectations of this administration, the civil service must increase the pace of its reform, the laudable targets set under the six pillars of the federal civil service strategy and implementation plan 2021 to 2025 must be focused and must be attained.


“We are at a critical phase of our existence as a nation, and we must take full control of our destiny.

“Evidently, we are confronted by a myriad of monumental challenges, which we ought to have conclusively and decisively address over the years.


“Our inability to put in place the enabling building blocks for the actualization of the vision of our Founding Fathers and install the vision of a great Nigeria, the Giant of Africa.


“Thankfully, for every opportunity we have missed in the past, we are now presented with a unique privilege. to recalibrate our vision, redefine our mission, correct our past errors and misdeeds, right wrongs, and raise our faith in our capacity to create a new Nigeria of our dreams.


“Our mission is a new Nigeria offering multiple opportunities to all, maximizing the potentials of all and sundry, and inspiring everyone to advance beyond our physical and mental capacity in our quest to be counted as a giant in a committee of nations.

“This is a thrust of the renewed hope agenda, which we offer for our national rebirth and global relevance.

“We are sure that this government is steadfast in its unwavering faith that with our renewed hope and make our beloved nation great and prosperous again with your support, patience, resilience and sacrifice,” Tinubu said.

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