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How to save battery life on iPhone


There is no doubt that last year’s iPhone XR had impressive battery life, and this year the iPhone 11 will offer an extra hour of battery life. If you need to refill the tank, fast charging can give you 50% of the chargeback. The following tips will help you maximize your iPhone 7. Check out these tips for getting the most out of your iPhone 7. We can only trust a phone if we know we can rely on it at anytime and anywhere, regardless of how good it looks. Since we tend to carry our iPhones everywhere, battery life is crucial to a phone’s performance and popularity.

  1.    1.Adjust your screen brightness

As iPhone screens have become bigger and better, adjusting the screen brightness can help you get more battery life out of your phone.

Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and then drag the brightness slider to the lowest setting.

  1. Ensure your software is up-to-date

We urge you to upgrade to the latest iOS (not just for the cool new features). It will also improve the iPhone battery life. Go to Settings > General > Software update to manually update your device, or plug your phone into a power source for a wireless update.

  1.   3.Longer battery life with low power mode

Low power mode automatically kicks in when the phone reaches 20% and 10% battery. Manually turning it on requires going to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode or tapping on the battery icon after swiping up from the bottom of the screen. It turns off automatically at 80%. The battery-sucking features of the phone, such as iCloud sync, are disabled until your phone reaches full charge.

  1.  4.Use headphones

Your phone’s battery can last longer if you use Airpods or watch Stranger Things. Headphones use less power than the iPhone’s speakers.

Louder stereo output is available on iPhone 7 and higher. Therefore, you should understand how sound affects the battery. You can save power by reducing the volume.

  1.   5.50% charge for your phone

Would you let your battery drain to zero before recharging it? It is a common myth that will reduce the lifespan of your phone. If you let your lithium-ion batteries die, they degrade over time. Battery life will diminish after 300+ charges, and the phone’s performance will deteriorate within a year. The Battery University recommends charging your phone at about 50% to keep it running longer.

  1.  6. Disable your GPS

Another way to extend battery life is to turn off location services. Tap on Location Services in Settings > Privacy, then toggle off the switch. Don’t forget to know where you’re going before you go.

  1.   7.Auto-lock your phone

The hypersensitive home button on newer iPhones makes unlocking the screen easy. You should turn off the screen when you aren’t using it. It keeps it from wasting energy. Set the Auto-lock setting in Settings > General > Auto-Lock to one minute for maximum battery life. Also, after you’ve used your iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button at the top of it.

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