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“I Got 100 Emails from Them”: White Lady Angrily Tackles Yahoo Boys Bombarding Her with Messages


Joan said she has received as many as 100 unsolicited emails from people she doesn’t know but is pretty sure they are yahoo boys.


Yahoo boys is the Nigerian phrase for scammers who fleece unsuspecting members of the public of their money through online fraud.


According to Joan, many of those contacting her claim to be working for the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.


Joan is obviously wiser than the yahoo boys, as she asked them to stop contacting her and wasting their time.


TikTok users react as Oyinbo lady calls out yahoo boys

@user6099326191845 said:


“Be careful with the Yahoo boys.”


@coda blue said:


“Honestly you are so beautiful.”


@Badboineto said:


“We are the ones that love you more. We are the ones that have time for you. You should be happy that we are looking for you.”


@user4958131775984 reacted:


“Hello good morning please I want to be your friend please can I make you my friend.”


@ydotcom said:


“Your English pronunciation is fantastic.”


@user318812081297daniel said:


“Weldon my onyibo tell them the truth.”


@King commented:


“I don’t need to be yahoo, to tell you that you are beautiful, and your English is clear to understandable.”

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