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“I Talk To Trees” – Joeboy Reveals Hidden Talent


Joeboy has unveiled a unique aspect of his personality. In a recent appearance on the Zero Conditions podcast, Joeboy revealed that he can talk with plants as a hidden talent.

The ‘Baby‘ crooner disclosed that he maintains a spiritual connection with nature, expressing that he finds solace in conversing with his four plants located in his room. This intimate connection with plants is emblematic of his appreciation for the natural world.

Joeboy’s admission underscores the significance of spirituality in his life, noting that it plays a pivotal role in his journey. He mentioned that spiritual support is crucial, whether through prayer or other forms of spiritual practice.

The singer’s affinity for nature extends to his choice of tattoos, particularly those depicting trees. He expressed his genuine fondness for the environment and plants, further solidifying his connection to the natural world.

His relationship with his plants is deeply personal, as he shared their names – Anthony, Themal, Raphael, and Vanessa – and how he communicates his emotions with them.

For Joeboy, conversing with plants provides an alternative way to express his feelings, offering a perspective that contrasts with interactions among human beings.

Joeboy’s revelation offers a glimpse into his multifaceted character, demonstrating his appreciation for nature, spirituality, and his distinctive approach to finding solace and connection in unconventional ways.

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