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Kiki Mordi accused of sleeping with BBC Producers for roles


A columnist named David Hundeyin took to Twitter to blame Kiki Mordi for engaging in sexual relations with BBC makers for jobs.

Kiki, who acquired unmistakable quality following the BBC African Eye narrative, Sex For Grades, was called out by David on Twitter after individuals took to the stage to impart their encounters to awful managers.
Kiki Mordi was one of those co-facilitating a space where individuals were sharing about their horrendous supervisors.

David Hundeyin then, at that point, took to Twitter to throw the principal left hook by claiming that the “co-host of the space is the recipient of a poisonous activity by quite possibly the most harmful managers in the whole Nugerian medium space.”



However David didn’t specify names, it was clear he was alluding to Kiki who was a co-have. Then, to clear all questions, he referenced BBC Africa.

Kiki answered, uncovering that David was simply tormented on the grounds that he was not the focal point of consideration in the discussion.

Kiki Mordi

Kiki later took to Twitter to uncover that David impeded her “like a quitter” after she answered his tweet where he blamed her for profiting from a poisonous chief.

Hours after the fact, David got back to Twitter to blame Kiki for laying down with BBC makers for jobs.

“Hopefully you’ve quit laying down with BBC makers for jobs,” he composed.

He then tried Kiki to “come for” him and he will answer by deconstructing her vocation

Kiki challenged his blustering by coming for him, stating: “Alright? I thusly come for him.”

Accordingly, David said that Kiki isn’t the maker of the Sex For Grades narrative that made her well known and won her honors



Answering David’s case that she lays down with BBC makers for jobs, Kiki dismissed it, adding that he’s basically calling her a whore.

In the mean time, David has been approached to furnish evidence that Kiki lays down with makers for jobs yet he hasn’t done that yet.

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