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“Nothing will change in entertainment industry until….” – Nosa Rex


Nigerian actor and content creator Nosa Rex Okunzuwa has shared his opinion on how the entertainment industry can change.

Nosa Rex disclosed that the entertainment industry can only be far from issues when the force of cultism is removed and people are set free.


'Nothing will change in entertainment industry until....' - Nosa Rex


Nosa Rex is of the opinion that the entertainment industry requires talents and not how a person looks like. He advised people to stay away from cultism.

“Until we remove cultism from the entertainment industry all these issues will not stop. Entertainment requires your talent not your color. Stay away from cultism. Forget anything anyone will tell you. As you progress in life you will realize that the people who will help you in life might not even be your confra mate.

You might be flying white and your helper might be purple. Life is deep.

The only enemy we have right now is poverty.

Channel your energy to the fight against poverty. Ask for updates, Share updates, Keep your circle small, and enjoy life. Nothing Dey this life o. Ignore the messenger and take the message”.


'Nothing will change in entertainment industry until....' - Nosa Rex

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