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In Ikere-Ekiti, OPC and Amotekun operatives ambush two truckloads of suspected Fulanis with arms hidden beneath grass sheets.

Residents of Ikere, Ekiti State, have been plunged into a panic when a vehicle carrying guns was intercepted.

Members of the Oodua People’s Congress and the Amotekun Corps are said to have halted the vehicle, which was transporting passengers and commodities, including feed.

According to a video circulating online, the passengers on the lorry were detained by security personnel and asked to lie down on the ground while the vehicle was searched.

Amotekun’s patrol truck was observed stopping the lorry to prevent it from fleeing.

Residents could be heard cursing the suspects, whom they allege are Fulani, when some guns hidden beneath the sheet of grass were hauled out by officers conducting the search.


The vehicle and its occupants were later taken to the police station for inquiry.

The revelation, which came only three days after gunmen stormed the St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, sent residents into a panic, believing the suspects were preparing to terrorize the people of Ikere as well.




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