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The riddle that played out before the emergence of Prince Lawrence Jaiyeoba Adebajo as the Orimolusi – elect of Ijebu Igbo kingdom on the 4th of January, 2022 is empirically liken to an axiom of the biblical compendium which often times admonishes mankind to understand that the race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but the appointed time for the fulfilment of human destiny remains sacrosanct.

Objectively reviewing the historic event, Prince Jaiyeoba indeed stands out as a classic replica of biblical Joseph who unwittingly rose to become the epistle of authority by divine providence. The glorified divine providence that exalted Prince Jaiyeoba in the race was orchestrated like a toast of play shortly after the demise of the last Orimolusi in 1994 when he, Prince Jaiyeoba, exhibited his interest to become the next Orimolusi of Ijebu Igbo.

Prince Jaiyeoba was Born on the 11th of November 1953 to the late Prince Tanimowo who is a son of Prince Adebajo from the lineage of Oba Adefolabo (1862 – 1887). Being a bonafide member of the Ojuromi ruling house, the family whose turn it is to present the next candidate to occupy the revered Orimolusi throne, his name was meritoriously enlisted amongst the 8 aspirants initially submitted by the then family head to the defunct Kingmakers in 1997 for selection.

Prince Jaiyeoba amazingly dissipated an unusual modest gesture in the race by withdrawing from the contest in 1997 for the second Male line candidate presented by Olori Ebi, Prince Saliu Sadiku on the ground of cultural attribution often time confers on the elderly.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the 1997 election carried out by the then Kingmakers instigated the protracted legal tussle that started from high court in Ijebu Igbo to Appeal Court in Ibadan and finally Supreme Court in Abuja, until it was finally resolved that the kingmakers should reconvene for fresh selection.

Premised on the Supreme Court judgement, on December 21st, 2021 the new Kingmakers were inaugurated by the Ijebu North Council Chairman, Mr. Omobolaji Odusanya at the secretariat with mandate to carry out new selection from the same list submitted in 1997 by the then Olori Ebi, of which Prince Jaiyeoba was in number 2.

Subject to the Chieftaincy Declaration emphasized by the terms of reference given to the newly inaugurated Kingmakers, the only two male line candidates on the list were contacted to submit their CVs within a week. Prince Jaiyeoba, in his usual kind-hearted gesture, still felt reluctant to show any interest until the last hour of the deadline before he could submit his CV for screening.

As the destiny will have it, Prince Jaiyeoba amazingly emerged the most favoured to become the next Orimolusi – Elect.

Prince Jaiyeoba is an established man of integrity, an easy going Personality with high influence. He is a patriotic aborigine to the course of Ijebu Igbo development, a philanthropist per excellence and a silent achiever who has touched several lives positively both home and diaspora.

Though Prince Jaiyeoba is a reserved person of high repute, he grew up as an ardent lover of culture and tradition, and has evidently contributed to the traditional and educational development in Ijebu Igbo silently. And presently, he is the Balogun Ijo of St. Peter Catholic Church, Oke Padi, Oke Sopen Ijebu Igbo.

Though has his academic career span through elementary to tertiary institutions, he is known to be a remarkable administrative guru with great exploits as evident in his private business track records. Prince Jaiyeoba began his life during his younger age as produces merchant, a successful venture that expanded his business acumen for more partnership in Lagos.

He joined ICOC Company in 1972 where he worked for several years before he registered his own transport haulage company in Lagos. He work in Lagos State ministry of Environment and rose to the post of manager.

Prince Jaiyeoba is a successful business man, accomplished family man, fulfilled humanitarian, outstanding role model, a blessed destiny enhancer and a humility personified.

As destiny has it, he shall be known as

cc: Stephen Adebayo


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