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Spotify Announce SIO As New Addition To The Equal Africa Programme

Spotify has announced South African artist Sio has the new addition to its EQUAL Africa Programme aimed at spotlighting female artists across the continent.

The EQUAL platform has allowed Spotify to give selected female artists across the continent the opportunity to take their music to a larger audience by providing them with the tools needed to advance their careers.

Speaking on Sio‘s announcement, Spotify’s head of music for sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu says “Siois a breath of fresh air and welcome addition to the EQUAL programme. Her effortless contribution to several genres has put her in a class of great contemporary African artists actively creating on the continent today. It is our hope that other young women creators see this as proof that their talents can and will be recognised and supported.”

31-year-old Siobhan King, better known by her stage name Sio, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a storyteller through music, poems, performance space, design, and interpretation. Her adaptable voice and distinct ability to switch between musical styles such as Dance, Deep House, and Electro distinguish her as a spectacular artist in a new era of music.

On becoming a Spotify Equal Artist, SIO had this say:

“As a female artist, it’s difficult to carve your own path in a world where that path has already been dictated to you. To be nonconforming and true to yourself is an act of rebellion. I’ve learned that that is the only way to navigate the male-dominated world, especially the music world – to be a woman as defined by me.”

Sio is grateful for the opportunity to get her song to a bigger audience and she intends to take advantage of the opportunity in taking her career to the next level.

“I’ve taken it upon myself to challenge the ways women are marginalised in the music industry. That’s why I am honoured to be an Ambassador of EQUAL. I am excited about the spotlight it gives me and my music, as well as the many doors and opportunities it will afford me.”

As part of the programme, SIO’s music will be playlisted and spotlighted under Spotify’s Equal Africa and Equal Global programmes.

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