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The Director Of The Korean Movie “All Of Us Are Dead” Declared The Release Date For The Season 2 Of The Movie

The hit Netflix series, “All of us are Dead” continues to prove its global success.

“Flixpatrol”, a movie analytics company, has calculated the statistics of the current trending Netflix shows to find that the show currently sits at #2 as of February 14th.

“All of us are Dead” has secured the #1 spot as of January 29th. The show went on to maintain the spot for the 14th and the 15th until new Netflix series “Inventing Anna” took over in the U.S.

“All of us are Dead” however, is still #1 in twenty-three countries. The show still sits at the rank in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, and more. The series is at #2 in countries such as France and Germany. The ranking in the U.K and Italy is #2.

“All of us are Dead” is based off a popular webtoon on Naver. The story unfolds as high school students find themselves to be trapped within the epicenter of a zombie outbreak.

The Korean show to have maintained such rankings for the longest time is the award winning “Squid Game.” The series grew international stardom and went on to stay at the top of the rankings for a total of forty-six days. “Hellbound” also saw its share of fame, whilst maintaining the spot for ten days.


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