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The Muslim-Muslim Ticket

The Muslim-Muslim Ticket
The Muslim-Muslim Ticket

The Muslim-Muslim Ticket

On Saturday, a high-ranking and well-respected official from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) visited me and expressed worry about my stance on a Muslim/Muslim ticket.

He told me that CAN was adamantly opposed to such a ticket, and that the organization’s leadership had watched my interview on Channels Television, in which it appeared that I wasn’t on all fours with them.

They thought this was unusual for me since they knew how much I value my faith, how much I respect CAN and its leadership, and how often I agree with them on all matters.

It meant a lot to me that they thought I was important enough to send someone to seek an explanation, and after thanking him, we talked for about two hours.

After all was said and done, I feel the person had a better understanding of my stance and agreed to relay it to the CAN leadership.

Permit me to state here for the record some of the points I made to him.

The first one went like this:

Many in the APC believe that a Muslim/Muslim ticket could be the winning formula in the upcoming election. They believe that taking advantage of this and presenting such a ticket would be politically advantageous.

Others in the APC believe that a Muslim/Muslim ticket would be a direct threat to Nigeria’s Christian community, jeopardizing our party’s chances in the upcoming election.

I hold the latter viewpoint, but I have stated that if our candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, insists on running on a Muslim/Muslim ticket, I and many others will support him and attempt to defend it as long as his running mate is not an extremist who will jeopardize the Christian community’s interests.

We must not be directed by emotion in this subject, but rather by our commitment to support our candidate and party, the goal and desire to win the upcoming presidential election at all costs, political expediency, and what the British refer to as “real politik.”

Taking this stance is also not a betrayal of our ideals or Christian religion since Muslim/Muslim ticket or no Muslim/Muslim ticket

We shall not stand by passively while ANYONE or ANY GOVERNMENT undermines our faith or our people.

If Asiwaju chooses a Muslim/Muslim ticket, we will either swim with him or sink with him, and in either case, given Atiku Abubakar’s experience and the certainty that the PDP will nominate a Christian for Vice President, it will be a tough struggle.


I say this because there are over 100 million Christians in this country who are deeply committed to their faith and believe that they must be safeguarded and respected at all costs.

Those that wish them away, excuse their interests and say they couldn’t care less about how they feel do as such at their own risk.

Regardless of what the competitor concludes he should alleviate their apprehensions and convey them along in light of the fact that the trepidation and worries about islamisation, properly or wrongly, are genuine.

The subsequent point is as per the following.

The achievement or absence of it of a Muslim/Muslim ticket will rely to a great extent upon WHO the Muslim Vice Presidential competitor will be.

Assuming that a Muslim has a history of killing, mistreating, slandering, loathing, subverting, underestimating or neutralizing Christians in ANY shape or structure, I and a huge number of Christians all around this nation will go against it conclusively and forcefully no matter what the results since we won’t permit anybody to obliterate the Church, scare or oppress our kin or wreck with our confidence .

Anyway on the off chance that a Muslim has shown love and shown aversion to the Christian people group throughout the long term and who we accept we can trust, I and a great many different Christians will uphold it.

Passed on to any of us are Christians to tell the devoted who will be who and who they can trust among the Muslims in the information that not all Muslims are terrible and not all Christians are great.

There are to be sure great and terrible individuals on the two sides of the strict gap.

Actually in an ideal world religion and confidence shouldn’t figure out who our competitors and their running mates should be and with regards to issues of administration I concur with those that express that nowadays we shouldn’t bring religion into it.

However tragically this is certainly not an ideal world and in the Nigerian setting we should perceive the way that given our set of experiences and our harsh encounters throughout the course of recent years, religion IS a component that can’t be overlooked or wished away and this is more so today than at some other time in our set of experiences.

In all that we do we should figure the feelings of dread of the two Muslims and Christians with regards to official tickets and decisions and we should ease those apprehensions.

For instance assuming you demand a Christian/Christian ticket for reasons unknown basically give me Christians that will safeguard the Muslims and assuming that you demand a Muslim/Muslim ticket essentially give me Muslims that will safeguard Christians.

Aside from that you should likewise focus on giving the administration of the Senate and the House of Reps and the place of the Secretary to the Federal Government (SGF) to individuals from the confidence that loathes portrayal at the Presidential or Vice Presidential level.

These are only a portion of the things that can relieve our feelings of dread.

Also, strangely that is rehearsed in Lebanon and what is known as the “Lebanese model”. They pivot the, important, influential places and initiative based on strict confidence and among Christians and Muslims and this has prompted a specific level of harmony and congruity since the finish of their nationwide conflict which endured from 1975 till 1990.

However we should step with wariness and care about the issue of religion and we should not go about as though it is no biggie in light of the fact that it will assume a conclusive part in the result of the political decision and in the running of the mission.

We should likewise attempt to put Nigeria first and not play with anything that will partition us on strict or ethnic grounds.

Assuming the APC thinks of Muslim/Muslim ticket, for however long a Muslim has a history of strict resilience, consideration and responsiveness towards the Christian people group and one that puts our country and the Nigerian public, no matter what their strict connection, before his confidence, I will happily support such an up-and-comer and such a ticket.

Anyway if the Muslim/Muslim ticket creates a Muslim running mate that furtively disdains Chritians or that has a history of disparaging Christians in his state or electorate or of jeopardizing and squandering Christian lives I will go against that ticket, that competitor and to be sure that party.

We realize who will be who. We know who the nonconformists and conservatives among them are and we know who the fanatics and hardliners are.

We realize the people who permit Christians to be butchered without any potential repercussions under their supervision and in their terraces and we realize the individuals who constructed Churches for Christians where Chirches were never assembled.

We realize the people who freely taunted our confidence, serious profanation and made references to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in criticizing and rude tones and we realize those that have consistently treated His valuable name with affection, goodness and regard.

We realize the individuals who have openly compared the Virgin Mary to a road whore and we realize the people who regard our God, rever our confidence abd that us as equivalents.

We realize those that are malicious and that see Christians as substandard creatures and mortal foes and we realize those that are harmless and that consider us to be approaches and as siblings and comrades.

I concur that we should take the necessary steps to win however we should likewise be careful about our decisions. You bring some unacceptable Muslim who is unfriendly to Christians as your running mate and that won’t just mean the demise of your desire yet will likewise enrapture our country in an extremely critical and sensational manner.

You bring the right one and we may simply have the option to push it through and defeat the test that our aggregate doubters and enemies will present.

Actually not ones confidence matters but rather what is in one’s heart.

Whether Christian or Muslim, in the event that we have a heart loaded up with light, sympathy, generosity, love and the apprehension about God we give only goodness and love however in the event that we have a heart loaded up with obscurity, bias, disdain, sharpness, malevolence and scorn and scorn for God we have nothing to give except for fiendishness and disdain.

More significant than whatever else is the state of the heart: whether Christian or Muslim that matters.

Once more, we should continuously recollect that whether Christian or Muslim or Southerner or Northerner, we are above all else Nigerians and that WE ARE ONE!

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s decision of running mate will make or blemish our gatherings chances at the political race.

May God lead and guide him to make the right one.

May the Lord award him the soul if acumen to make the best decision and may He award him the fortitude to stand firm in this perfect and amazing battle to push our country ahead.


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