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The Robots I Designed Can Transform Education, Security In Nigeria —18-Year-Old Ayomide Adekunle.

Ayomide Adekunle is an 18-year old 100-level student of Animal Production and Health at the Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH) who invented a robot called G-Robot and a drone called G-Drone. In this interview by ADEWUNMI ADEDAYO, he talks about how he started, the usefulness of both technologies and how they can be of help to the nation.

Ayomide Adekunle started out as a child that liked dismantling things and building other things out of them, such as toy cars and others. He started building drones and robots when he was in senior secondary school one (SSS 1).

He believes that if the Westerners can do it, he can also do it.

He said, “I always tell myself that the white men designing electronics products don’t have two heads; it is something that I can do.”

Although 18-years-old, Adekunle has created drones and robots that if utilised well, can contribute positively to the nation.

Born and raised in Nigeria, as a young individual, Adekunle was always zealous and enthusiastic about technology. He started out by creating drones and robots from scrap materials like speakers, LED lights, leathers, batteries, wires, I.C and readily obtainable materials.

He strongly believes that robot and drone technologies are where the future lies. This is because both technologies are being used to, in terms of robots, teach students in the classrooms and the drone, a security tracker, designed to fight insecurity in Nigeria.

He named the robot he built G-Robot and named the drone G-Drone.

He said, “G-Robot is a prototype of an educational robot that I built that can assist teachers in the classroom to teach students. It has amazing features that students can communicate with and it will respond to the questions asked.

“The reason I built this robot is that many advanced countries have started using robots in the classroom to teach students and I believe Nigeria should not be left out in this robotics education.”

As for the drone, he said, “I also built a drone called G-Drone. It is a prototype of a security tracker drone which is designed to fight insecurity in Nigeria. It is still a prototype at this stage.”

He added, “I strongly believe that the future of work is Robotics. Robots will be used in almost all the spheres of activities of human being such as, health, security and in other aspect. The same goes for drone technology; the drone technology will revolutionise our security sector for good.”

Adekunle mentioned that the progress of both technologies is limited and that is why they are prototypes.

He added that the major challenge he faces is finance. According to him, this is because there are some components needs to be bought for the robot and drone so they would be perfect.

Speaking on how both technologies can help Nigeria, he said the educational robot has a great potential to transform the educational sector in Nigeria. This is because the robots will make students to be enthusiastic to learn.

He added, “G-Robot will make Nigeria a country to globally compete with in robotics education.”

Also, the G-Drone, according to Ayomide, is one of the best ways insecurity can be fought in the country.

When he is not working on creating more technology, he is debating, either in front of his mirror or in front of people.

Adekunle said, “Apart from building robots, I love debating. I am a good debater. Sometimes, I will go in front of my mirror when I am less busy and start debating as if I am in front of an audience. I love debates and I go for quite a number of debating competitions.”

Speaking of other plans to further develop himself, he said he would like to attend a robotics school which is SQI College of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in Ogbomoso, Oyo State. However, due to the financial status of his parents, he has not been able to do that.

According to Adekunle, the technologies he designed are still prototypes of the real technologies, but if supported, will transcend from the prototypes to real technologies.

Other technologies he has created apart from robots and drones are toy cars, mini ATM, mini grinding machine and lots more.


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