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Mompha’s son Richie Rich was featured on Uk website as the world youngest billionaire

Mompha’s son Richie Rich is ‘The world’s youngest billionaire’ he owned his first mansion at age 6 and has a fleet of supercars”


Muhammad Awal Mustapha, Nine year old son of popular Instagram celebrity Ismaila Mustapha, commonly known as Mompha, has been featured on a popular Uk website, The Sun


He was described as the world youngest billionaire, who had his own mansion and a fleet of supercars (sports and exotic vehicles)

The print-sized pre-teen influencer name Muhammad Awal Mustapha shows off his blingtastic lifestyle to his 30k followers on Instagram.


One post show him on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur which he said his dad bought for him as his first car. He caption the post with




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