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VP SLOT: Tinubu may be stuck with Masari

CAN kicks as Tinubu settles for Muslim running mate

Tinubu ‘ll be fair to all irrespective of religion-Media aide, support group


The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has emphasized its purpose not to help the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the 2023 survey following signs that he will run with a Muslim ticket.

Sunday Vanguard accumulated the previous evening that party chiefs will utilize the Sallah occasions to figure out the issue and concoct a situation one week from now.

With time expiring, sources told Sunday Vanguard that Tinubu may be left with Alhaji Kabiru Masari as his running mate following a court request limiting APC and Tinubu from subbing him.

A day to June 17 cutoff time set by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC for gatherings to present the names of their official and bad habit official up-and-comers, the APC presented Masari’s name as a placeholder.

Tinubu has uptil July 15 to make the replacement.

Tinubu and Masari are Muslims.

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje on Friday said that Tinubu had consented to pick a Muslim bad habit official competitor.

He offered the remark during a social event of no less than 100 priests at the Kano State Government House as a feature of exercises to stamp Eidel Kabir.

“We have encouraged him to pick a Muslim representative and he has concurred. A Muslim ticket is a reality. It isn’t a new thing in Nigeria,” Ganduje said.

He requested that the priests petition God for Tinubu to arise as Nigeria’s leader in 2023.

CAN kicks

Responding to the Muslim ticket, Elder Biodun Sanyaolu, Assistant General Secretary, CAN, censured the demonstration, saying the move wouldn’t be upheld by individuals.

On whether Tinubu has contacted the affiliation, Sanyaolu, “Not yet, CAN has spread the word about it’s place that Muslim ticket won’t be upheld even Christian ticket.

“It’s actually not necessary to focus on Muslim ticket or Christian ticket it is the question existing in us throughout the previous seven years which has been so horrible even with Nigeria between Religious Council, NIREC.

“All we are saying and need is the pioneer that will really do well to everybody, regardless of class, religion, sex, locale, variety, among others.

“All we are longing for is a pioneer that will be reasonable for all Christians, Muslims and evan Traditionalists.Poverty doesn’t know religion.

“In the event that there is a bomb impact it will kill whoever is on its way not disapproving of religion. We need great administration that will be reasonable for all and great administration in Nigeria.”

Talking on whether the affiliation will pay attention to APC when mission begins, Sanyaolu said: “In the event that he comes, we will invite him and investigate what they have for Nigerians and general society.”

No reason to worry — Tunde Rahman

Additionally responding to the Muslim ticket, Media Aide to Tinubu, Mr.Tunde Rahman, said: “How about you sit tight for him (Tinubu) to report his arrangements? Imagine a scenario where he picks Muslim-Christian ticket eventually.

“He is a God-dreading man and a detribalised Nigerian, he will be reasonable for all, there is no reason for the caution.”

A gathering, under the umbrella of Ambassador of Christ, communicated the trepidation that If Nigeria is vanquished by the Islamic extrmists or proceed with the manner in which it is going, “even, those decision speculations like schools, ranches, lodgings, domains, radio broadcasts, among others that our Christian siblings have offered us to get cash and construct will be detracted from them either powerfully or utilizing kangaroo arm of government like EFFC, ICPC, and new ones that might arise.

“As a natter of heart, shouldn’t the Christian Governors join the Christians in Nigeria to guarantee essentially control revolution among Christians and Muslims at the Federal Level?

“Should Christians permit individuals of the other confidence to overwhelm them in the military?”


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