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Mp3: Yomi Expensive – Ori


ORI (THE ORIGINATOR) is a song about how God (Eledumare) created us through destiny and gave us ori which is responsible for manifestation on the spiritual and physical planes of existence.

Ori is also a symbol of Olodumare, the creator and the essential personality, it is part of the body, the soul of each individual and way of life, It is our spiritual connection to Eledumare. Alignment with our ori brings inner peace, inner fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives. It reduces negative vibes.

Furthermore, it is evident in Yoruba sayings that “Ori eni ni gbe eni,” meaning a man’s head made him prosperous

This belief explains the mysteries that surround the success or failure of any man on earth as explained earlier. The veracity of this belief in predestination highlighted in the Yoruba wise sayings which also states that “A kunle, a yan eda, A de’le aye tan, Oju n kan gbogbo wa,” which means, “We knelt down (in heaven) and chose our destinies, When we reached the world, we became impatient.”
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